Bearings and Lubricants under control.

Purpose of the Device

Various electrical parameters of lubricants can be determined depending on the frequency (impedance measurements). An axial deep groove ball bearing, which can be lubricated with lubricating grease or lubricating oil, serves as the test item. In addition, the temperature of the test pot can be controlled by means of a circulation thermostat.

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• Meet DIN 51819 Standard

• Speed 7.5-4,500rpm

• Load 100KN

• Standard Spring Loaded

• Standard FAG Test Bearings

• Single-station Test Bench, Multi-station


VKA 110 Four-Ball Specifications

• Four quadrant amplifier ± 60 V (120 V pp) by TOELLNER

• Digilent, 2-channel oscilloscope, analog, 30MHz; with basic software together
with a impedance analyzer PCB for 2-channel oscilloscope, for analog detection

• All necessary cables and connectors for impedance measurements

• Test pot with brush holders

• 2 Precious metal carbon brushes CL01AO LabView-based software



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