Gears and Lubricants under Control

FARAX-Gear is a testing machine designed to comply with ISO 14635 standard. The back-to-back gear test rig has a test gearbox and a slave gearbox integrated in two torque shafts. The load is applied with mechanical load, a set of standard dead weights or can be applied with GAT MOOG automatic hydraulic load system. A set of torque sensors have been mounted for better measurements and calculation of the transmission loss.

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The Basic unit of FARAX-Gear test rig is equipped with a solid frame, a direct drive, two shafts, two gearboxes, a control cabinet, a measuring cabinet and a designated software to fulfill many standards: ISO 14635, CEC-L-07, CEC-L-084, ASTM D 5182, ASTM D 4998, FVA 243, FVA 54, FVA 2/IV, FVA 345, FVA 371. The solid mechanical components together with a set of built-in torque sensors, an advanced LABVIEW-based control software and electronic cabinets, that maintains the good test repeatability, while being more user friendly and more intelligent.

Innowep supplies 2 versions of FARAX-Gear test rigs: 1. FARAX-Gear-MU: the test rig is equipped with a set of dead weights or a tension ratchet as a mechanical load applied on one shaft with a clutch. 2. FARAX-Gear-H: the load is applied via an automatic hydraulic system (GAT MOOG) on one shaft with a maximum torque of +/- 800 Nm.

Both versions of FARAX-Gear test rigs are driven by an electric motor with the speed up to 6000 rpm. Temperatures can be preset and controlled for the oil supply; Optional lubrication unit is supplied for spray lubrication for pitting, micro pitting and scuffing test.



 • Speed range: 100 - 6,000 rpm (direct drive)
• Two directions of rotation
• Max. torque: 715 Nm
• Center distance: 91.5 mm
• Oil temperature: 120 °C (immersion)/90 °C (injection)


 • Speed range: 100 - 6,000 rpm (direct drive)
• Hydraulic load system with max. torque: +/-800 Nm
• Center distance: 91.5 mm
• Oil temperature: 120 °C (immersion)/90 °C (injection)



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