Purpose of the Device

The Farax®-SSP180 is used for service life testing of synchronous parts, lubricants, additives and coating materials at vehicle, transmission, component and lubricant manufacturers.

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The system offers the following description

• CEC standard test bench for synchronizers

• Demonstrably comparable measurement results between individual test rig operators

• Widely used by customers in Europe, USA and Asia. More than 40 SSP180 in operation worldwide

• Full compliance with test specifications of e.g. Ford, Daimler, ZF Friedrichshafen

• Recognized usability for VW and Audi tests

• Test of two test specimens at the same time possible

• High differential speed up to 5,000 min-1

• Car and commercial vehicle synchronizers adaptable up to a slide ring diameter of 220 mm

• Support of test procedures and measurement data evaluation by the Innowep Team

• Well organized supply of standardized test parts

• High test efficiency due to short cycle times down to a minimum of 3 seconds for a double UP and DOWN switching, almost independent of the used
simulation mass moment of inertia and the set test speed

Shifting force
Axial forceFa = 200 ... 4000 N
Applied by hydraulic cylinder, shift fork can be pivoted around shift axis(feasible range depends on test specimen and test parameters)
Shifting torque
Maximum shifting torqueM = 400 Nm
Hydraulic unit
- ReservoirV = approx. 40 l
- Flow rateQ = 2.7 l/min
- Maximum operating pressurepmax = 110 bar
- Main componentsHydraulic pump, pump motor, pressure relief valve, filter, hydraulic valves
Lubrication unit (test oil)
- Total oil quantity in the systemVoil = min.ca.8 l max. ca. 10 l
- Flow rateQ= 2...9l/min
- Maximum oil temperatureTmax = 120 °C (in test operation)
Thermostat controlled via two-point
controller pmax = 10 bar
- Maximum operating pressurePmax= 10 bar
- CoolingP = approx. 3 kW
- Heating capacityP = approx. 3,6 kW


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