Test rigs for Multi-Disk-Clutches & Synchronizers

Multi-disk clutches and synchronizers are used to achieve smooth engagement of spinning parts in automotive transmissions. To test these components, rigs are used that replicate the conditions they would experience in a vehicle, such as high speeds and various loads. Common test rigs are mechanical dynamometers, vibration rigs, and high speed test benches. The rigs measure torque, speed, and power, and can also be used to test for noise and vibration. Additionally, the rigs can be used to measure the behavior of the components under different temperatures and conditions.

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Test rigs for Multi-Disk-Clutches & Synchronizers

7 Multi-Disk-Clutch test rigs:

• LK-1 Investigation of friction, wear and durability

• LK-2 Investigation of friction and frictional vibration

• LK-3 Micro-slip and static friction investigations

• LK-4 Investigation of drag torque (open clutch)

• KLP-260 Standardized test rig for investigations of friction, wear and durability

7 Synchronizer test rigs:

• SSP-180 (5x) Investigation of friction, wear and durability

• SYN-1 Investigation of drag torque

• SYN-2 Investigation of friction


Categories of Tribological Tests

Components Multidisc Clutches

Research topics:Friction behaviour

• Micro-slip torque / static friction

• Wear and overloading behaviour, wear

• Endurance

• Influence of lubrication and friction lining

• Drag loss behaviour

State of research:

• 10 Dissertations

• 5 Test rigs

• > 10 Publications


• KUPSIM (temperature behaviour)

Application: Heavy Duty Synchronizers



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