Metal fatigue

Deformation mechanism occurring primarily in ductile metals


The gross structure of an object as made visible to the naked eye


Losing stiffness or firmness, as of substance, fiber, structure, or bodily frame

Height sectional cut

Analysis of a 3D Topography Cutting the surface according to different heights into various planes


Determination of the surface’s or coating’s resistance against an applied deforming force For this, a sharp or blunt stylus is usually facilitated, depending on the inspected material


Form of interaction involving touch and the process of recognizing objects through touch

Hand abrasion

A special abrasion between the product surface and human hand which has chemical environment and mechanical rubbing motion is simulated by ABREX® (ABREX®-Abrasion)


The force that makes it difficult for things to move freely when they are touching each other


A structure supporting or containing something