Full scale of bearing or gear test bench for both lubricant evaluation and component friction/fatigue test

Friction/wear and fatigue behaviour of materials, coatings and the corresponding lubricants are essential for industrial product quality and functionality. Innowep provide FARAX® series testing machine to simulate material and component testing. In addition, we have developed test bench which serves for the latest fast development in E-mobility.

Testing machines include:

  • Mechanical test for material/lubricant screening

  • Four ball tester: DIN 51350, ASTM D 2266, 4172, 5183, 2596

  • Abrasive wear tester

  • Two-disc tester

  • Mechanical dynamic component tester

  • Gear and gearbox tester

  • Bearing tester: radial, axial, radial and axial

  • False Brinelling test

  • FE8

  • FE9


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