All-in-one tester for dynamic scratch, punch and abrasion​

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Basic Functions

Damage to a surface due to abrasion, scratch and punch is one of the main reasons for the disturbance of a product’s quality. In many real applications, deep scratch or severe abrasion occurs during a fast and high dynamic motion, e.g. a deep long scratch by a key on the exterior paint of a car, and this high dynamic scratch occurs at a high speed up to 150 cm/s.


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Dyna -SPA®, is the only machine which combines all kinds of scratch, punch and abrasion tests within one machine with freely programmable speed and stroke. The speed is up to 150 cm/s and the stroke length is up to 120 mm. It complies with over 50 international standards (ASTM/DIN/ISO). Those common tests include cross-cut (crosshatch) test, crockmeter, key scratch and many more.


  • Universal Abrasion Test

  • Shoe Sole Test

  • Crockmeter Test

  • Wire/Cable Abrasion Test

  • Film/Packaging Material Abrasion Test

  • Magnetic Stripe Abrasion Test

  • Cleaning/Scouring Pad Abrasion Test

  • Tooth Abrasion Test

  • Scuffing Abrasion Test


  • Universal Scratch Test

  • Nail Scratch Test

  • Pencil Test

  • Key Scratch Test


  • Universal Punch Test

  • Fingertip Punch Test

Measurement Principles

Reciprocating Mode

  • Pneumatic system drives the tip wheel to the prepositioning point “2” to ensure the right velocity for the test;

  • Then the tip is moving back and forth between point “2” and “3” at pre-defined speed, the inward and outward speeds can be different.

One-Direction Mode

  • Pneumatic system drives the tip wheel to the prepositioning point “2” to ensure the right velocity for the test;

  • Then the tip is moving from point “2” with a certain stroke to point “3” at    predefined speed;

  • A pushup rod will lift the pneumatic  cylinder to position “4” and reside back at the position “2” for the next cyclic linear motion.

Punch Test Mode

  • Pneumatic cylinder is flipped 180°;

  • Then the punch tip is hitting the sample back and forth between point “1” and “2” at predefined speed.


Technical Data

  • Load: 1-30N

  • Stroke Length: max. 120 mm (programmable)

  • Linear Speed: max. 150 cm/s

  • Cycles: 1-10.000.000

  • Features: Scratch, Abrasion, Punch

  • Measurement delay (s): programmable

  • Speed in & out: programmable

  • Power Supply: 230 V/ 50 Hz; 110 V/ 60 V

  • Compressed Air: 6 bar, external, oil free, water free

Accesories included:
  • 3 different loads

  • 2 scratch tips

  • 1 punch tip (metal)

  • 1 universal clamp fro abrasion  test

  • 1 set of sample holding plate




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