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ABREX®- abrasion, namely soft-chemo-mechanical fingertip & hand friction and wear, is generated by the specific movement due to the intensive touch of human fingertips or hands on the product surfaces. This special movement leads to distinct patterns of damages on the materials and its surfaces. The delamination and deterioration of the coating generated by ABREX- abrasion® has its own form of shape which is similar to the human fingertip.

special features of human fingertip & hand

With curvature
Rough structure with texture
Inhomogeneous and nonlinear
With dandruff/dirt/swear/fat/lotion/cream
A complete fingertip touch motion involves:

a. starting with 45o angle touch/hit on the surface
    instead of 90o perpendicular of the surface;
b. the touch/hit is done by a viscoelastic fingertip/
   hand with an average load of 3.75N;
c. followed by one-direction friction;
d. repeat step a-c cyclically

this cyclic motion is often under various liquid
environment (sweat, cream or lotion)

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