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Our Specialities


Innowep applies innovative and standard methods for material research & characterization, process development and quality assurance of the final products. Over the last 25 years, Innowep has been working closely with many industry leading companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies for product design, R&D and industrial standardization.

Innowep manufactures measuring and testing instruments that allow the characterization of a wide range of materials, surfaces and final products:
• Soft-chemo mechanical hand abrasion tester complying with over 22 different industry specifications: ABREX®

• High dynamic multi feature scratch/punch/abrasion tester: Dyna-SPA®-Tester

• Universal surface tester with in-situ local resolution for the continous measurement of indentation, scratch, hardness, deformation, creeping, haptics and
  much more in macro/ micro/nano ranges: UST ®

• 3D mobile optical measurement systems for topography, thin coating thickness and quantification of wear rate: TRACEiT®, TriScan®, OptoTop®

• Micro-Calotest for wear and coating thickness testing: Taperader®

Innowep also actively participates in many national and international government and industrial research projects and working groups. We provide our competencies and our instrumentations for our customers, research projects as well as implementing contract testing services.