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As a manufacturer of automobile, no matter a passenger car, or truck or omnibus, people trusts that the materials and coatings that they use shall meet the requirements and specifications - such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance or anti-soiling behavior for the full lifetime of the vehicle.

  We offer several standard and customized testing instruments that fulfill many international and group standards.

Cost-effective, good quality materials and high-quality look and touch are in focus when it comes to the interior, where the materials for all interior parts must be durable and have good functionalities. Our speciality is to design reliable testing machines for these requirements.

Interior parts we test include:

• Instrument panel
• Foils and foil laminated components
• Non-functional decorative strips cockpit/door
• Functional decorative stripes/Door pull handle
• Plastic molded skin, imitation leather, foils, functional surfaces, decorative stripes
• i-Drive knob
• Center console
• Door trim
• Switch/Shift paddle
• Gearshift knob
• Steering wheel

Test scopes include:

• ABREX-Abrasion
• Nail scratch
• Industrial scratch
• Fingerprint test
• Soiling abrasion test
• Dynamic shoe sole test

Body & Exterior

Paints and coatings for car body and exterior areas must be highly durable against abrasion and scratch for many years. Our testing machines are used to simulate high dynamic scratch, punch and abrasion tests under different test conditions for quality control.

Exterior parts we test include:

• Paints
• Glass coating

Test scopes include:

• Dynamic scratch
• Punch
• Dynamic abrasion

Your development partner

We are in frequent communication with our customers to learn their status of testing routine, the update of their company specifications, and other particular testing requirements. In the meantime, we are continuously developing new modules, new adapters, and new software to better support our customers.

We also participate in many working groups and committees, which enables us to contribute to decision-making and development processes for materials and coatings for the automotive industry at an early stage.

Find out more about our testing speciality for the automotive industry, please contact us.