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Within this huge industry, we focus on the technology in dental materials and skin surface profile evaluation.

  We offer several standard and customized testing instruments that fulfill many international and group standards. We focus on two application fields: dental material and skin profile.

Dental materials are fabricated materials, including:

• temporary dressings
• fillings
• crowns
• bridges
• endodontic materials for root canal therapy
• dental implants
• and many more

Test scopes include:

• three-body Abrasion
• deformation
• wear
• microfriction
• surface topography

Skin surgery which is part of Dermatology, is dealing with the skin and its diseases. What we offer to this special application is to measure the following parameters in a mobile fashion:

• skin roughness
• porosity

Your development partner
We are in frequent communication with our customers to learn their status of testing routine, the update of their company specifications, and other particular testing requirements. In the meantime, we are continuously developing new modules, new adapters, and new software to better support our customers.

We also participate in many working groups and committees, which enables us to contribute to decision-making and development processes for materials and coatings for the medcial industry at an early stage.

Find out more about our testing speciality for the medcial industry, please contact us.