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• Mobile, on-site measurement

• Fast, easy operation

• Reproducible and calibratible

• Real-time measurement

• Able to detect long, wide objects

• Special lab-stand for reference


Ultrasonic testing has been widely used in medical, metal and other industries. Among those industries, ultrasound testing on cultural heritage is relatively rare and unique due to the special features of the ancient stones, ceramics and other relics. The combination of pulse velocity measurement and waveform analysis helps to evaluate the inner/outer properties of cultural objects. In addition, the homogeneity and defects in the objects may be measured with the waveform display.

MUC® system is the latest and by far the most advanced ultrasound tester which is solely designed for the cultural heritage application.

Cultural Relics which could be tested:

• Sand stone
• Limestone
• Ancient stone
• Ceramic

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