• Big measurement area up to 
  60mm x 60mm

• Easy operation

• Non-contact measurement

• Variety of optical sensors with 
  different resolution

• Reproducible and calibratable

• Fast data acquisition

• High local resolution


Surface profile is a key parameter of a product’s quality, which affects the product’s overall performance. The height values (oftenly refers to the valleys and peaks) of the surface determines many functional features, eg. abrasion resistance, adhesion, etc.
Furthermore, the analysis of wear or abrasion rate after the mechanical tests is also needed to evaluate the quality of surface coatings. Therefore, an accurate measurement and documentation of the surface profile helps to make the right decision for the quality control.

Optotop® is a testing instrument which measures the surface profile in a non-contact fashion. The highly accurate measurement of the 3D topography makes it widely used in R&D for new materials development as well as in the quality control of manufacturing processes.

Parameters which can be measured with Optotop® include:
• Roughness
• 3D Topography/Mapping
• Macro & micro geometries
• Light intensity
• Porosity
• Effective contact area ratio

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