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Worldwide Standardized Abrasion Tester for Markings and Letterings Caused by Rubbing of Fingers and Hands
The INNOWEP EBREX® Hand Abrasion Tester is the state of the art testing machine for the special environmental testing “Abrasion of markings and letterings caused by rubbing of fingers and hands” according to IEC EN DIN 60068-2-70.
EBREX® is designed to test lab samples, parts and the final products. Combined with additional liquid supply and various functional modules, it fulfils many international standards and specifications. The uniqueness, the versatility and the flexibility allows this special testing machine EBREX® to comply with multiple test conditions.
EBREX® applies an advanced linear motor to generate a controlled motion of the test piston over the test sample. 
With our 30-year experience in hand abrasion, human physiology, haptic and durability testing, the INNOWEP EBREX® assures the most reliable results with great reproducibility and repeatability. 
With the great reliability and cost-effective solution, our mission is to provide you a comprehensive strategy for the material and surface quality of your products.
• IEC 60068-2-70
• DIN EN 60068-2-70
• ASD-STAN prEN 4860 & 4864
• BMW GS 97034 / GS 97045
• Daimler DBL 7384
• Ford WSS M2P188-A1
• EWIMA Specification
• Sony Ericsson 45/152 41-FEA 202 8139 Ue

Testing list
• Dynamic finger-nail scratch automotive
• Dynamic universal scratch
• Dynamic shoe sole abrasion automotive
• Abrasion with soiling materials
• Abrasion with high-abrasive cleaning materials
• Fingerprint test
• Cleaning sponge test
• Temperature test
Textile Options
Standard B8 and Fine wool: simulates ABREX®-abrasion according to ASD-STAN     prEN 4860 / DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70 and etc
Cotton-batiste fabric (Denim): simulates abrasion with clothing materials (e.g.           jeans) according to ISO 105 D01
Cotton-lawn fabric: simulates abrasion with fine-structured clothing materials (e.g.     trouser pockets)acc. to ISO 405 F09
 Soiling fabric: simulates soiling behaviour with standard materials (by fats, soot)         acc. to BMW GS 97034 and various standards
• Standard sebum fabric: standard wool or cotton fabric with additional mineral oil         acc. to ASD-STAN prEN 4860 and various standards
 Abrasion-pad S-1000: simulates mechanical abrasion with high-abrasive rubbing       pad
• Abrasion-pad ‘scrub test’: simulates mechanical wear by kitchen and cleaning           sponges (M44)
• Wool felt H1: abrasion test according to various standards, hardness H1
Cleaning sponge
Media Options                           
Artificial Sweat acc. to:                                  Additional Fluids:
• DIN 53160-2:2010-10                                    • Cleaning paste
• BMW GS 97045 (two types)                          • Skin lotion
• BMW PR 506                                                 • Soil/Dirt/Sebum
• DBL 7384                                                       • Plastic cream
• VW TL 226 (two types)                                  • Cleaner/Spray/ Disinfection gel
• DIN ISO 9022-12                                           • Hand cream
• DIN EN 60068-2-70                                       • Sun lotion
Piston/Stamp Options
Supply of standard piston/stamp with the diameter of 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.
Aerospace Automotive Electronics Glass
Home Appliance Leather Paper & Textile Polymer
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