• One machine for all measurements

• All measurements with same

• All measurements in real time,
  continuous and in-situ

• Mechanical property with local
  surface profile resolution

• Wide selection of tips from
  nanometer to centimeter


Adequate measurements are of great importance for a reliable simulation and evaluation of micromechanical properties of materials and surface coatings, such as deformation or haptics.
As material and coating behaviour can vary considerably, a series of proper, real-time, quantitative measurements have to be performed with high resolution in the right dimension.

UST®-Universal Surface Tester, is by far the only open multi-modular system that provides a complete mechanical testing solution for the evaluation of bulk materials and surface coatings. Its unique configuration allows for a wide range of tip choices with various materials and sizes ranging from nanometer to centimeter.

The basic unit of UST® has two versions: UST 100 (loading range 1mN-100mN) and UST 1000 (loading range 10mN-1000mN). The basic unit consists of floor-stand cabinet, measurement head with 3 tips, automatic X-Y table and data acquisition system. There are additional 10 modules for various material property measurements including:


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