• Durability Testing

• Real simulation of touch/ swipe/

• Contamination and cleanability

• New standards and evaluation


Reliability Testing for Displays / Touchscreens

Over the decades, the touch design has been changing from the simple button/knob to a display, either non-inactive or interactive touchscreen. Since 2012, OEMs in various industries start to install fancy touchscreens into their product. ABREX®-D is designed for display durability testing.


Importance of Durability Test on Display

visible defects
• Scratches, fingerprints are easily appear due to normal usage
• Scratches can be easily made under dynamic motion of human being
• Fingerprint or dirt print is another issue; either easily removed by a few cleaning step or certain coating is applied to prevent those prints
• Customer will not return or exchange the display due to those defects, but instead, the product
non-visible defects
• Current display/touchscreen has various functional layers of coatings, and they are transparent (not visible for the  human eye)
• Abrasion is often caused by human fingertip touch / swipe / zoom actions and other mechanical loads
• Layers of functional coatings could be damaged without the visibility of human eye



•  ASD-STAN prEN 4860
•  IEC 68-2-70         
•  DIN EN 60068-2-70
•  BMW GS97034-1     
•  BMW GS97034-2
•  BMW GS97034-3      
•  BMW GS97034-4
•  BMW GS97034-5      
•  BMW GS97034-6
•  BMW PA-P 315        
•  BMW AA-0471

•  BMW AA-P 296        
•  PSA D24 5020
•  Daimler DBL 7384     
•  Daimler DBL 9202
•  Ford WSS-M2P188-A1/FLTM BN155-01/
•  GB-T 2423.53       
•  JIS C 60068-2-70
•  Renault            
•  GSO 480.1.003     
•  GEBERIT (PA100134)


Testing list

• Fingertip & hand abrasion
• Dynamic finger-nail scratch automotive
• Dynamic universal scratch
• Dynamic shoe sole abrasion
• Abrasion with soiling materials
• Abrasion with high-abrasive cleaning materials
• Fingerprint test
• Anti-fouling test
• Dirt affinity test (soiling behaviour)
• Cleanability / Easy-to-clean test
• Cleaning sponge test
• Steering wheel hand abrasion test
• Banknote fingertip and hand abrasion test
• Banknote limpness test
• Tooth abrasion test
• Scrub test


Textile Options
Standard B8 and Fine wool: simulates ABREX®-abrasion according to ASD-STAN     prEN 4860 / DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70 and etc
Cotton-batiste fabric (Denim): simulates abrasion with clothing materials (e.g.           jeans) according to ISO 105 D01
Cotton-lawn fabric: simulates abrasion with fine-structured clothing materials (e.g.     trouser pockets)acc. to ISO 405 F09
 Soiling fabric: simulates soiling behaviour with standard materials (by fats, soot)         acc. to BMW GS 97034 and various standards

• Standard sebum fabric: standard wool or cotton fabric with additional mineral oil         acc. to ASD-STAN prEN 4860 and various standards
 Abrasion-pad S-1000: simulates mechanical abrasion with high-abrasive rubbing       pad
• Abrasion-pad ‘scrub test’: simulates mechanical wear by kitchen and cleaning           sponges (M44)
• Wool felt H1: abrasion test according to various standards, hardness H1

Cleaning sponge

Media Options                           
Artificial Sweat acc. to:                                  Additional Fluids:
• DIN 53160-2:2010-10                                    • Cleaning paste
• BMW GS 97045 (two types)                          • Skin lotion
• BMW PR 506                                                 • Soil/Dirt/Sebum
• DBL 7384                                                       • Plastic cream/Hand cream
• VW TL 226 (two types)                                   • Cleaner/Spray/ Disinfection gel
• FORD DVM-00870 MA                                  
 • Sun lotion

Piston/Stamp Options
Supply of standard piston/stamp with the diameter of 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.



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