• Reproducible results due to
  standardized test standards

• Real application simulation
  of chemo-mechanical abrasion

• Universal functionalities due
  to modular design

• Calibratible testing machine
  to secure reproducibility



Abrasion is a common mechanical process on surfaces caused by scuffing, rubbing, or scratching under normal use or environmental exposure. Fingertip & hand abrasion,namely ABREX®-ABRASION, is a specific type of abrasion due to the intensive interaction between the products and human fingertips and hands. This special abrasion leads to distinct and unique patterns of damages on the materials and its surfaces.

ABREX®-ABRASION, is a soft-chemo-mechanical fingertip & hand abrasion. It is a highly complex abrasion process which involves:
• Firstly a dynamic impact with 45o angle by a viscoelastic fingertip under a certain load and the influence of
  various liquid;
• Then a friction rubbing or tumbling motion between the sample and a textile containing dirt, dandruff, oil,
   sweat or various types of creams.
Followed by a retraction movement with or without the contact at the surface depending on the application.

Thanks to the selection of pneumatic drive system, ABREX® is by far the only testing machine which can simulate fingertip & hand abrasion. With a good understanding of human physiology, ABREX®  is the only machine which translate the human touch into a standardized testing machine. Compared with other system which involves either linear drive, or gear system, only ABREX®  can simulate the human touch and hand movement. 

Current available models of ABREX® :
• standard ABREX: for DIN/IEC 60068-2-70, BMW GS 97034-1, -4
• ABREX-E: for BMW GS 97034-2 & 97034-3 tests
• ABREX-A: designed especially for touchscreen application
• ABREX-TRES: multi station ABREX for heavy duty testing capacity
• ABREX-C&-CE: for testing for a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C

ABREX® is currently the world standard machine for evaluatiing the abrasion resistance, dynamic scratch resistance of the material and coatings. It has been referenced in numerous standards and specifications including plastics, coatings, laminates, leather, paper, ceramics, glass, etc.).

• DIN EN 60068-2-70                                          • Daimler DBL 7384
• IEC 68-2-70                                                      • Ford WSS-M2P188-A1/FLTM BN155-01/DVM-0055-MA
• BMW GS 97034 -1, -2, -3, -4, -5,-6                  • GB-T 2423.53
• BMW GS 97045-2                                            • JIS C 60068-2-70
• BMW PR 506, 510                                           PSA D24 5020
• BMW AA-0471, AA-P296                                 •  Renault
• BMW PA-P 315                                                •   EWIMA
• BMW TL 9 138681.6                                        • GSO 480.1.003

With the various options of ABREX®, all the following tests could be performed:
Fingertip & hand abrasion
• Dynamic finger-nail scratch automotive
• Dynamic universal scratch
• Dynamic shoe sole abrasion
• Abrasion with soiling materials
• Abrasion with high-abrasive cleaning materials
• Fingerprint test
• Dirt affinity test (soiling behaviour)
Cleanability test
Cleaning sponge test
Steering wheel hand abrasion test
Banknote fingertip and hand abrasion test
Banknote limpness test
Tooth abrasion test
Scrub test

Available consumables include:

Textile Options:
Standard Fabric: Simulates ABREX®-abrasion according to DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70
Cotton-Batist Fabric (Denim): Simulates abrasion with clothing materials (e.g. jeans) according to ISO 105 D01
Cotton-Lawn Fabric: Simulates abrasion with fine-structured clothing materials (e.g. trouser pockets)acc. to ISO 405 F09
Soiling Fabric: Simulates soiliing behaviour with standard materials (by fats, soot) acc. to BMW GS 97034 and various standards. Two types of soiling fabric are available
Abrasion-Pad S-1000: Simulates mechanical abrasion with high-abrasive rubbing pad
Abrasion-Pad ‘Scrub test’: Simulates mechanical wear by kitchen and cleaning sponges (M44)
Wool Felt H1: Abrasion test according to various standards, hardness H1

Media Options:                                               
Artificial Sweat acc. to:                                    Additional Fluids:
DIN 53160-2:2010-10                                    Cleaning paste
BMW GS 97045 (two types)                          Skin lotion
BMW PR 506                                                 Soil/dirt
DBL 7384                                                       Plastic cream/hand cream
VW TL 226 (2 types)                                      Cleaner/Spray

Piston/Stamp Options:
Supply of standard piston/stamp with the diameter of 10 mm,20 mm and 30 mm.  Additionally, different piston/stamp will be especially made for different temperature ranges depending on the model of ABREX®: -40 ℃-0 ℃ (blue), 0 ℃-30 ℃ (transparent), 30 ℃-85 ℃ (red)

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