• Reproducible results due to
  standardized test standards

• Real application simulation
  of chemo-mechanical abrasion

• Universal functionalities due
  to modular design

• Calibratible testing machine
  to secure reproducibility



Abrasion is a common mechanical process on surfaces caused by scuffing, rubbing, or scratching under normal use or environmental exposure. The product with abrasion leads to the undesirable disturbance of its functionality, quality perception and value. Fingertip and hand abrasion is a specific type of abrasion due to the intensive interaction between the products and human fingertips or hands. This special abrasion leads to distinct patterns of damages on the materials and its surfaces.

ABREX®-ABRASION, namely soft-chemo-mechanical fingertip & hand abrasion, is a highly complex abrasion process which involves:
• Firstly a dynamic impact with 45o angle by a viscoelastic fingertip under a certain load and the influence of
  various liquid;
• Then a friction rubbing or tumbling motion between the sample and a textile containing dirt, dandruff, oil,
   sweat or various types of creams.

ABREX® is by far the only testing machine which can simulate this complex abrasion with different standard textiles under different chemical environments.

Furthermore, other tests can be also performed with the standard ABREX® and with a high-speed ABREX®-E, including:
• Dynamic finger-nail scratch automotive
• Dynamic industrial scratch
• Dynamic shoe sole abrasion
• Abrasion with soiling materials
• Abrasion with high-abrasive cleaning materials
• Cleanability  test
• Limpness Test

In addition, all tests can be applied either on a lab sample or on a finished product with the testing temperature ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

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