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INNOWEP GmbH was founded in 1990 in Würzburg, Germany. It established itself as a world-leading specialist in surface and material testing and documentation.

Extended material and surface analysis are the core competences of the company. These include determination of functional properties of materials, e.g. in situ microtribology with high local resolution, abrasion, total deformation, hardness, scratch resistance, as well as human-physiological effects like tactile and visual appearance. INNOWEP GmbH applies innovative and standard methods and procedures for material, surface and process development right up to quality control of the fi nished product. The same technology and instruments are applied to research, development, material and process evaluation up to quality assurance of the final product.

INNOWEP GmbH co-operates with international companies, small and medium enterprises and worldfamous institutes. The company is represented with its technology in international and corporate standards.

The company also participates in German, European and international research projects. We also offer research, development and testing in our own laboratory as a service.