• Glossary
  • a structure supporting or containing something
  • Friction is the force that makes it difficult for things to move freely when they are touching each other
  • A special abrasion between the product surface and human hand which has chemical environment and mechanical rubbing motion Is simulated by ABREX® (ABREX®-Abrasion)
  • Form of interaction involving touch and the process of recognizing objects through touch
  • The determination of the reactive resistance, the hardness of a surface of which a coating or alternative protective layer is provided the impression value at which a deformation of the coating occurs This is determined by pressing sharp or blunt stylus, depending on the material or coating, into the surface
  • Analysis of a 3D Topography Cutting the surface according to different heights into various planes
  • losing stiffness or firmness, as of substance, fiber, structure, or bodily frame
  • the gross structure of an object as made visible to the naked eye
  • Another deformation mechanism is metal fatigue, which occurs primarily in ductile metals
  • This type of deformation is irreversible
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