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Innowep GmbH has the headquarter based in Würzburg, Germany, where we designed all our instruments. Together with our manufacturing facilities around the Germany, Innowep rigorously assures the highest quality of our testing machines. Over the last 20 years, Innowep has been working closely with many industry leading companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies for product design, R&D and industrial standardization. 

  • PTS The Paper Technology Specialists
  • OFFIS - Institute For Information Technology - We think ahead
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  • KTH - Royal Institute Of Technology
  • Cluster Nanotechnologie
  • WFF
  • FHWS
  • TUM
  • Biomedtec-franken
  • HDA
  • TUD
  • FILK
  • TUT
  • SKZ
  • KIL-kunststoff-institut
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  • photonicnet
  • EFDS
  • helmholtz-muenchen
  • cwservice
  • iLF Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lacke und Farben mbH